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How do I apply for a place on a course at the Centre?  
Contact the Centre for an application form which should be completed and emailed to the Centre. Course fees are paid using PayPal. 



Which professional body recognises the courses?

The Centres' courses are recognised, approved or accredited by a variety of professional bodies including the Association for Coaching, British Psychological Society Learning Centre, Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and the International Society for Coaching Psychology.

What sort of qualification do I get after attending courses at the Centres?
Certificates of attendance are issued to students who complete a primary certificate course for the purposes of continuing professional development. A Primary Certificate is awarded to students who attend a course and successfully complete a three hour written assignment undertaken at home. A Certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete three courses and assignments as detailed in the brochure. Students can progress to a variety of Diploma programmes: Diploma in Coaching; Diploma in Psychological Coaching; Diploma in Coaching Psychology. The latter course is restricted to psychologists who have a minimum of British Psychological Society or International Society for Coaching Psychology graduate membership.  

What are the course dates and fees?
Course dates and fees are shown on this website. Contact the Centre for availability on specific courses.

Does the Centre give discounts of any sort?  
We have two course fees: one is payable by organizations (Org), the other is at a reduced rate for delegates who are self-funding (Ind). Details of course fees can be found on our website and on the list of course dates. 

Can I reserve a place on a course by paying a deposit?  
We do not take deposits. Course fees must be paid in advance by students who are self-funding. Organisations will be invoiced for the course fee. 

How far in advance of the course must I pay?  
Six weeks prior to the proposed course date or with application. 

How do I apply for advanced cert/diploma?  
Initially, request an enrolment form from our general office. 

Can I transfer an application & payment to a different course?  
Transfers can be made up to six weeks prior to the course date if a place is available. See our application form for cancellation charges. 

Do I need a supervised coaching practice? 
If you attend the Diploma programme it is essential to have a coaching practice. You are responsible for obtaining coaching practice supervision from an experienced coach. The Centre provides academic supervision. Professional bodies such as the Association for Coaching may be able to assist in finding a supervisor. Psychologists are advised to obtain supervision from experienced Chartered Psychologists.

What is the most popular programme at the Centre?
The most popular programme by attendance figures is the Certificate in Coaching (Option 1)

Can a coach be too experienced to attend the Certificate in Coaching (Option 1) programme?
The Certificate in Coaching (Option 1) is not necessarily suitable for experienced coaches. The first 2 days of the course are at an introductory level. This can be problematic if experienced delegates attend the course as they wish to obtain an accredited and recognised course credit but also expect the course to cator for their advanced skills and experience. It is not possible to adjust the course to satisfy the needs of advanced delegates and retain course recognition and accreditation. Non-attendance of the first 2 days would not satisfy course attendance requirements. In these circumstances you may find the Certificate in Stress Management & Performance Coaching more suitable.  If in doubt, please contact the Training Director, Peter Ruddell.

Shall I undertake all the certificate modules first and then enrol for the Diploma course?
No. Until you are enrolled onto the Diploma programme, you will not have all the necessary information that you require to undertake the Diploma course. Whilst undertaking the shorter modules it is important to maintain a learning and training log. Information about the log is provided once you have been admitted to the Diploma programme. We suggest that after successful completion of the Certificate in Coaching course, it may be advantageous to apply then for the Diploma programme.

Should I join a professional body?
Students enrolled on a Centre Diploma coaching programme are expected to be a member of a recognised coaching-related professional body and abide by their codes of practice and ethics. Suggested professional bodies include the Association for Coaching, CIPD, ILM and the International Society for Coaching Psychology. 

What letters can I put after my name when I have attended course(s)?  

Certificate in Stress Management and Performance Coaching- CertSMPC.
Certificate in Coaching – CertCoach

Advanced Certificate in Coaching – AdvCertCoach 

Diploma in Coaching - DipCoach;

At what stage should I apply for advanced cert/diploma?  
Students are advised to attend at least one primary certificate or certificate module before applying to enrol on an advanced programme. See brochure for further details. 

How soon or at what stage can I start practising after attending courses/am I qualified to start practising after I have attended the courses (or a course)?  
This depends upon previous experience and qualifications and the availability of a suitable supervisor. 

Who will insure me against cancellation/non-attendance?  
Contact your insurance broker for advice. Often insurance cover comes under travel insurance. 

Can the Centre provide articles or suggest reading material?  
See our website for downloadable articles. We can obtain certain books for delegates who are already enrolled on a programme at the Centre.

My organisation wants the Centre to complete a questionnaire about your training staff and evidence of their qualifications, your health & safety policies and so on before I can attend your courses. Is this OK?
If our administration time is limited to under 10 minutes providing this information then this would be acceptable. Do note that most information is available on our website or in our course brochure about our courses and trainers. However, time-consuming requests will require an extra administration fee. This will be charged at an hourly rate. Due to data protection, not all information is available.

Does the Centre for Coaching provide executive, business or life coaching?  
Yes. Please check with Peter Ruddell for availability.  

What is The Centres' mission statement?
To be the leading pioneers in the field of Cognitive Behavioural Approach.

Who are the courses suitable for/what sort of people attend them?  
The courses are suitable for coaches, trainers, counsellors, psychologists, personnel staff, coaches, management consultants, managers, supervisors, psychotherapists, health and caring professionals who wish to learn more about the particular topics and we have students from all these areas. However, people from different professions maybe suitable too. If in doubt, please contact the Centre. 

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